Some questions to ask for proper & safe installations:

Question #1: Is your auto glass company insured and with whom?

Answer #1: (liability protection) Yes, we are insured with economical insurance.


Question #2: Will pinch-weld primer be used? ( under any windshield area)

Answer #2: Yes, ensures any scratched / rusted areas are treated to retard rusting, which leads to leaks (after approximately one year), metal fatigue and windshield failure.

Primers ensure windshield bonds to frame. Failure to use primers on windshield surface and pinch-weld can result in winshield de-bonding. More the 18% of the structural integrity is placed on the windshield remaining in its frame.


Question #3: Warranty on workmanship & materials?

Answer #3: Yes, a life time unconditional guarantee during your ownership of vehicle, with the exception to rust.


Question #4: Length of time to service windshield replacements?

Answer #4: Generally 3-4 hours( include consideration for safe drive away time)

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