When you need to replace the windshield on your car, you have several options. Some people decide to perform the replacement themselves, but this isn’t advisable unless you have a strong background with auto repair. Professional window replacement is the best way to go and will end up saving you time and money in the long run. It is also important to know when to get your windshield professionally evaluated and replaced. Whether you have a small chip in the corner or a hairline crack along the length of the glass, you should make sure to get a proper assessment.

Why is my windshield so important?

The number one reason that your windshield is a vital part of your car is simple – protection. Without your windshield, you wouldn’t be protected from debris, projectiles, or other outdoor elements that can make driving far more dangerous. In addition to this, your windshield actually contributes about 20 percent to the overall strength of your vehicle and assists in the deployment of airbags while supporting your roof. When it comes to collisions, your windshield is strong enough to prevent you from ejecting in all but the most extreme of cases.

Even minor damaged needs to be checked out

Perhaps a small rock hit you while driving on the expressway and caused a tiny little chip in the corner of your windshield. No big deal, right? Wrong.

In reality, that tiny little chip can be the beginning of a far bigger problem. As strong as your windshield is, it is highly sensitive and needs to be taken care of with precision. The glass in your windshield is made of three layers – two pieces of glass on the outsides with a vinyl resin layer in the middle. If that small chip reaches the middle layer, there’s a chance that the entire structure could be at risk.

More detrimental than a small chip is a crack in your windshield, and not just for structural reasons. Even if the crack is superficial and doesn’t pose any threat to the overall health of the windshield itself, it is extremely dangerous to have while driving. Visibility is one of the most important factors when driving, and a crack can obstruct your vision or cause light to be reflected into your eyes.

Let the pros do the job

When you work with professional windshield repair services, you can rest assured that you are getting the utmost care combined with the highest quality product. These experts have relationships with manufacturers that ensure that they receive only OEM-authorized glass and adhesives, meaning that the products going into your car are the ones that the original manufacturer intended for it. Skimping on materials or using the wrong brands just to save a few bucks can lead to disaster down the road and should be avoided at all costs.
Consider all the research you would have to do if you decided to replace your windshield yourself. You’d have to contact your manufacturer, speak to the OEMs, and find a way to secure the parts without having any contracts. On the other hand, when you bring it to the professionals, they already know what parts you need and can get the materials quickly and cheaply. They are also highly trained and know how to perform the labor in an efficient and effective manner.

Strength of Adhesive

Another potential detriment when you go an alternative route with your windshield replacement is that you may be getting cheaper, weaker materials. OEM-authorized adhesive will be able to handle 1000 PSI, or pounds per square inch. This is the force required to pull apart the layers of your glass. Using non-professional grade may result in a windshield that can only handle 700 PSI, or less as what the professionals are going to give you. This increases the likelihood that you’ll be coming back for a repair sooner rather than later.

Safety is the Priority

In the end, you should get the highest quality replacement for your windshield for the sake of your family’s safety. From stronger materials, more reliable adhesive, and expert installation, you’ll experience far more peace of mind when you work professionals.