Why Choose Us


Autoglassworx is an authorized auto glass provider, approved by all insurance companies. We bill your insurance company directly, while providing fast and free mobile service to your home, work or anywhere you are parked!
If you bring your vehicle to our location, we offer same-day in-shop service, while you enjoy our lounge area for your convenience. 

Our technicians use a quick-curing urethane and windshield primers. This prevents windshield de-bonding, which can lead to occupant ejection, during most vehicle roll-overs. Allow time for windshield sealant to cure before safe drive away time is achieved. Times range from 1/2 hour and above depending on sealant and temperature.

  • Trained technicians
  • Insured for your protection
  • Insured for liability
  • Garage insurance policy for picking up cars
  • Speed glass network member
  • Approved parts & pricing for all insurance companies. We deal with most North American Insurance plans.
  • A preferred contractor by GM, Ford dealership & leasing companies.
  • Insurance recommended auto glass company
  • Paper work handled and insurance billed directly for you
  • Glass claims will not increase your insurance premiums
  • Specialized power tools to service encapsulated windshields.
  • Specialty sealants for vehicles with air-bags & aluminium bodies